'Modern Diner’ also referred to as ‘The Diner’ was designed and built by Greg Metz from 1990-1995.  It is a converted 1958 Silver Streak 27’ travel trailer.

It made its debut in Dallas in 1995 and has since traveled around the U.S. and to 5 countries in Europe.  It has spent several Summers on the National Mall and been to
State fairs, shopping malls, cathedrals, museums and parades. 

It was originally designed to follow the ‘Oscar Meyer’ Weiner Mobile and to tell the story of what goes on behind the scenes of the ‘meat industry’.  It also informs the public of some famous vegetarians who are set in a contemporized ‘Last Supper’ setting which replicates in 3-D the familiar composition of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting.  Figures in the ‘Next Supper’ in 3D are Louisa May Alcott, Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw, Cesar Chavez, Susan B. Anthony, Jesus, Alice Walker, Paul McCarthy, Pamela Anderson, Gandhi, Einstein, Socrates, with the crash test dummy as Judas. Other painted background figures include Tony LaRussa, Dick Gregory, Mohammed, Percy Shelley, Frankenstein, Sara Gilbert, Ben Franklin, Steve Jobs, Candace Bergman, Madonna, da Vinci. 

The Setting is a 50’s deco like diners which were the first ‘fast food’ motifs to appear following carriage carts. Like a book mobile bringing culture to the suburbs, ‘The Diner’ is set to stimulate dialogue around the way our consumer culture relates to animals. Inspired by Upton Sinclairs ‘The Jungle’, which greatly effected change in the meat industry, ‘The Diner’ would like our contemporary culture to re-examine agribusiness, animal genetics, animal welfare and human health and labor concerns that are embodied in the production of meat. 


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