Big Rex Perry  Campaign Installation: 
Oct. 2011   Mixed media,  video projection, animation, sound, performance
Kessler Theater  ‘ ‘Altered State Fair’

SAT. NITE:    When Y’r on break from  ‘Occupy Dallas Fallstreet’ -come by ‘KESSLER ‘THEATER’ (Oakcliff) for some ‘Sure-Real Fresh Meat’ action- in a campaign benefit party for ‘Rex Perry for America 2012’ .  

Get your free (sir taxes  applied) campaign  bumper sticker  ‘Rex Perry – Public Execution is Public Education’ at ‘Big Rex’  in ‘Altered State- Fair Exhibition’ you can visit the  ‘Extreme Denial’  ‘Fed up’ candidate nominee for President.  If you question-‘ Perry  did not roam when the T-REX did Roam?’-  then Think again.  C 4 ur-self- in this  ‘Real Freak’ show  !!!
-Thin SubLine ProductionsGreg Metz  featuring,  Willie Baronet,  Jeff Miranda, Michael Westfried, Frank Leeding, along with ‘Free Range Dino: Rex Perry’

Mighty Fine Arts presents the " Altered State Fair " at the Kessler Theatre , a one night extravaganza, Saturday October 15 , 6pm till way late.











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